Invest to Purchase DTokens, Earn ROI & Referral Benefits In The Form Of The Invested Instrument, Withdraw Or Reinvest To Earn More.

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How does it work?

  • Deposit ETH/Listed ERC-20 Tokens To Purchase DTokens (10% System Fees).
  • The Price Of D Will Increase With Every Buy Order & Decrease With Every Sell Order.
  • 10% System Fees Will Apply To All Buy, Sell & Transfer Transactions Which Will Be Distributed Immediately Among Token Holders In The Form Of Dividends.
  • Receive 3.33% of Investment amounts (33% of System Fees) As Referral Dividends.
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Coin Price

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3.33% of Investment
As Referral Dividend

Audited Code
No backdoor/locking

Passive Income

Benefits of investing in DAPPIncubator

DAppIncubator is an audited, verified and secure smart contract running on the Ethereum Blockchain.



DAPPIncubator is an autonymous source code verified smart contract running on the Ethereum Blockchain. DAppIncubator provides a high return on investment to investors.


Audited, Secure & No Backdoor

The DAPPIncubator Code has been audited by multiple approved auditors and confirmed that it does not have any bugs and that a whale cannot drain the contract.


Multiple Income Generation

By investing in DAppIncubator the investor can earn a ROI from the increased price of invested coin, increased price of Dtokens as well as holding dividends & referral dividends.


Passive Income

DAppIncubator is a great source for generating a lifetime passive income. The user will earn dividends whenever someone buys, sells or transfers tokens. The increased token price will provide more benefits.


When an investor purchases or reinvests in the DAppIncubator smart contract, the token price is automatically increased and similarly the system decreases the token price as tokens are sold or withdrawn. At the time that tokens are purchased, they are minted by the smart contract and added to the contracts total token supply. Similarly, the Coin/Token that is collected in any sell transactions is stored safely within the smart contract and the contract programming burns them, which decreases the total contract token supply. D can only be minted when listed coins are sent to the smart contract. The D are burned at the time of any sell transaction with the Coin/Token value they represent being released from the contract.

Paying dividends is the primary goal of the DAPPIncubator platform. It is designed to create a stable and continuous flow of dividends in the form of returns. This process begins at the time of token purchase when 10% of the Ethereum/ERC-20 tokens will be withheld as a system fee to be distributed to all the existing token holders as a dividend. By forfeiting 10% of the value of each purchase, reinvest, sell or transfer, each investor is entitled to receive a dividend in the form of Ethereum. At the time of each sell transaction, 10% will also be distributed as a dividend to the remaining token holders.

There are multiple sources of income for investors.

Income from increased token price
With each new investment, the token price increases resulting in an increased return on investment (ROI) for all existing token holders.

Passive Income from Dividends
When any user invests/reinvests/transfers or sells their tokens, 10% of the transaction amount will be directly deducted as a system fee. This fee will be distributed immediately as a dividend to all the existing token holders in the system. Every new investment provides a continuous source of income.

Income from the Referral Program
Every investor will be provided a unique referral link to be given to friends/colleagues/family. When a user joins the program with an existing investor’s referral link, the system awards 33% of the deducted 10% system fees and directly pays it to the referring investor in the form of a referral dividend. The remaining collected fee will be distributed proportionally among all the other existing investors and immediately increases their total dividends.